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    Camp near Falmouth, Va.
    May 15th. 1863.

    My Dear Sir

    Up to Sunday morning
    May 3d. your Brother Stephen
    was with his Company. Then
    came the furious charge upon
    our position during which so
    many of our men were wounded,
    captured, or Killed, and driven
    out of their entrenchments.
    After the line was reformed,
    about half a mile in the
    rear, Stephen was missing,
    Whether Killed, wounded, or cap-
    tured unharmed, cannot be
    stated positively , but the im-
    pression prevails that he was
    captured unharmed, and is
    now a prisoner of war in
    Richmond. Arrangements will

    soon be made to exchange all
    our prisoners of war, so that
    I hope soon to see Stephen
    again, alive and well.
    I wish it were in my power to
    tell you a better story, but such
    are the plain facts.
    Stephen was a great favorite
    in his company, and as
    soon as any information is
    received concerning him you
    will be sure to get it.

    Yours in sincere sympathy.
    W. H. Cudworth


    Mr. Cudworth