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    No 16 Battle field near Gettysburg Pa
    Sunday July 5th1863

    Dear Parents

    I again take up my pen after
    another severe battle to inform you that I am
    safe from injury. The 12th Corps was in the thick-
    -est of the fight, but the 107th by marching &
    countermarching, was not with the rest of the brig-
    ade, two regiments of which made a charge on
    the rebs and drove them from the breastworks
    which we built, and then left to reinforce a
    nother part of the line of battle, the 2d Mass
    and the 27th Indiana suffered severely, we again oc-
    cupied the breastworks, in front of which were
    the rebel sharp shooters, and as soon as any of
    our men raised their heads to look over – zip –
    came a bullet, we had 3 wounded as we were
    leaving. This has been a hard battle and we
    have got decidedly the best of it thus far, but
    it is awful for man and beast, as the weather
    has been very hot, and we have marched all the
    way from Brooks Station Va to this place, having

    been in three S 3 different States in the space
    of a week. On the march I had the pleasure
    of seeing Capt Edwin Humphry but we was march-
    ing by where his regt was bivouacd so I had but
    a few minutes to speak to him, he looks as well
    as can be expectd after a hard tramp. The enemy
    are beyond the town, and the report is that they
    are entrenching there. We have taken thousands of pris-
    oners and made such havoc in their ranks, and
    I think Jeff davis will think he has made a great
    mistake in sending his army up this way. The prison-
    ers said on the 3d of July which was a the hardest day
    of the fight that Lee said he would break our
    lines before he slept that night or he would
    kill ten thousand men. Yesterday was the 4th of July
    and I never thought I should see such a sight
    as I did on that day, as this is our victory if a
    victory is decided, we hold the ground, and yes-
    terday I was all over the ground and saw the
    dead rebels by hundreds laying just as they fell
    among the rocks and trees, from the effect
    of the murderous fire from the Union troops
    behind the breastworks, which were built in
    the woods, it was an awful sight and I should think if the rebs could only see their
    men as they lay it would sicken them of rebbelion
    owing to the extreme heat they have turned
    as black as niggers and their heads are swelled
    up to twice their natural size. The 14th Brooklyn
    was in the 1st day and lost 125 only 9 men are
    left in my old Company H – they lay on the
    3d hill from here in the same line of breast-
    works that we are and I was over to see them
    yesterday. We are now ordered to pack up – 10 O’clk
    It rained all day yesterday and last night I laid
    on the wet ground no tent and nothing but a
    thin rubber blanket, and have not had a change
    of shirt for over 4 weeks. The reason that my
    last letter was not signed, was that before
    I had finished it got damp in my Haversack
    and stuck. I have not time to finish this
    as the letters are being called for, it is queer
    I do not hear from you this is the
    first time I have had a chance to
    write as I have been in battle and am
    now writing this on the field on my
    knee – hoping to hear from you soon

    I remain your affctly