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    Rappahannock Station Va. Sept. 6th

    Dear Parents

        I shall write but
    a short letter to day for I am on guard,
    it is uncomfortably warm and I do not
    feel like writing neither know I what to
    write against such reasons there can
    be no argument. My health continues
    good as ever. I am weighing 160
    pretty good weight for the hot season;
    the health of the Regt is much better
    than a fortnight ago. Dennett is at
    Fairfax Seminary Hospital about five
    miles from Alexandria we hear from
    him occasionally, he is getting better slowly;
    Leiutenant Wyman has gone to Washington
    I believe he has got a fiver. I received
    two papers and two letters from you last week
    am very glad to hear from you so often,
    that box you sent is probably in Washington
    before this time and I am in hopes to get

    it soon, there were some came last week
    and I am in hope that they will send the
    rest along. I have just been reading the
    Presidents letter to the Springfield Convention
    and like it very much. I dont see how any
    Union man can find fault with it,
    his words are so very simple and common
    the no one can mistake their meaning
    yet every one is to the point. It is generally
    true of Politicians, I believe, that the letters they
    have written have been their ruin, in
    striving to please one part of their party
    they have mortally offended another, such
    is not the case with Mr Lincoln. I
    believe that this last letter of his will make
    him thousands of friends for he speaks
    not of party and party platforms but
    Union and the Constitution and how
    they may best be restored.

        During the
    last week several deserters from the
    Rebel Army have come into our picket
    lines. they tell hard stories about the demoralization

    of Lee’s Army but it wont do to put too much
    confidence in what such men I dont
    believe that Lee’s Army is so badly
    demoralized as they tell about, probably the
    next two months will show

        Do you remember
    a Herschell Sanborn that was in the class
    with and at the High School. a very tall
    fellow, he took dinner at our house one
    Sunday together with George Perkins, he
    was killed at the battle of Gettysburg, was
    in the 13th Mass. Regt which is in the
    same Brigade with ours. I believe
    that he is the only class mate of mine
    that has ever been killed though there
    are quite a number of them
    out at war some of whom
    have been wounded

        Come to think
    of it, it is just a year ago to day
    since we left Mass. at this time
    a year ago we were on the cars en route

    for Washington; since then we have had
    some experience in a soldier’s life, have
    seen some of its fatigues and hardships
    during that time I have been unusualy
    fortunate, having seen hardly a sick
    day, have not experienced a pain or an
    ache worth mentioning. I cant always
    expect to be as fortunate as this. I hope
    that a year more may see us all at
    home again, if the Fall Campaign
    is as successful as the Summer has
    been I think it will. It will be a
    happy day for us all when we meet
    again and no one is more anxious
    for it to come quickly than myself but
    I want to see the war settled as it should
    be first then I can be contentet

    must excuse this letter it it is written
    in a great hurry, it is beginning to rain

    Your Aff Son
    A R L