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    Camp Meigs Readville Oct. 22nd 1863

    Dear Mother

    I received your letter & bun-
    dle yesterday morning & I was very glad to get it I
    tell you I put on one of the shirts right off &
    you cannot guess how good & soft it felt
    they just fit me & are made in good style
    I am real glad of the little cap you sent
    how much did it cost. it is gay. yest-
    erday I was on provost-guard (drummer) & only
    came off this morning. it is now evening
    & I am sitting in my bunk writing on a
    little box, by candle light, right back of me
    are some veterans talking of their battles
    on my left around the stove are a lot of
    the boys (some from L) talking & laughing
    they make such a noise I can scarcely write
    the money you sent came very welcome, I
    dont know of any more to night but will
    write more in the morning E B Peirce

    Oct 23 It is a very cold day yet it is
    pleasant. last night it was cold enough
    to freeze water out of door I was rather cold
    except my feet and head which were kept
    warm by the slippers & cap you sent
    the second Mass Cavalry (Co B) left here
    today for the Army of the Potomac. they
    number 121 men we are pretty comfortable here
    but the boys complain of having to stand
    guard every other day. I went over to Mrs.
    Paull’s house & bought 5 cts worth of butter
    I made a lot of toast with it & it was
    real good. I dont know as we shall go away
    for 3 or 4 weeks. dont you write believe
    every story you hear about our going
    away I will write you notice soon enough
    before we go. Oct 24 It is Sunday
    it was stormy this morning we had
    inspection of our bunks. our blan-
    kets laid at the foot & our clothes
    at the head of our bunks.

    this afternoon it is pleasant there are
    a good many in the guard house for
    absence without leave but I got in
    camp befor my furlough was
    up. I dont know whether I shall get
    another furlough or not I had a
    furlou pass the other day & went up
    to South Dedham with a milk
    man. he treated me with milk
    & apples. I dont know of any more
    to write. write soon & tell me all
    the news.

    Yours Truly,