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    Washington 8th Jany '64

    My Dear Sir,

    Recently I recd through the Post Office a
    printed letter purporting to be signed by various distinguished
    litterary & scientific gentlemen; but Dr Hill as President
    of Harvard College signing it first, followed by Profs
    Agassiz, Peirce, & Longfellow gave it the appearance of
    having emanated from Harvard College, though your
    name followed theirs as well as the names of other eminent
    persons in other cities. The letter accused the War
    Department of acts of injustice & tyranny in connection
    with Surgeon General Hammond who is to be tried by a
    Court Martial on charges that have been preferred against
    him. This letter was sent to the Senators and
    Members of Congress; and it had come to my
    knowledge that the War Dept. considered the source
    from which it apparently came to give it an importance
    thats required them to notice it; I therefore called
    the attention of Profsrs Agassiz & Peirce to it. They both
    pronounce it a base fabrication, and have

    written an emphatic note to that effect upon a copy
    of it which they have requested me to hand to Mr Stanton.

    This I have done, and he appeared to receive it
    with great satisfaction – but from what passed
    while I was present I doubt not an effort
    will be made to discover the perpetrators of this fraud.

    Mr Agassiz will send a Copy to President Hill,
    and I suggest to you to see him and to join
    with him and Mr Longfellow to denounce
    this fraud as emphatically as [Messrs] Agassiz and
    Peirce have.

    Yours very faithfully,
    S Hooper
    [Subscription (recipient's name at foot of page)]

    Dr. J. Mason Warren