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The Siege of Boston: Eyewitness Accounts from the Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society

Eyewitness Accounts from the Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society

William Cheever diary, 1775-1776

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A Journal - commencing 19 May 75

May 19 [1775]. I arrived in Town from Charlestown at 1 oClo.
after having seated & left my Mamma, Aunts & Sisters
with Canterbury at Taunton on Acco't of the distrest
Situation of Boston.

21 [May 1775]. A Party of Soldiers and Sailors, who man'd several Sloops
the last Evening to go in quest of Hay, etc., at Grape-
near Weymouth, fir'd upon by our People
and oblig'd to return with little or none.

25 [May 1775]. The three Generals, Burgoine, Clinton & Howe arrived
to day from England in the Cerberus: The Merlin
having got in with their Horses yesterday.

28. [May 1775] Yesterday the Provincials set fire to some Hay
etc., on Noddles-Island; (as they did the 23d Ins:
upon Hog-Isl'd) collected for Government Use;
in consequence of which a party of marines
were sent over, whereby a pretty constant
Fire was kept up best part of the night;
and several of the regulars killed; also
a King's Schooner that went to annoy the
provincials, listed upon Chelsea Beach &
was set on fire and burnt.

30 [May 1775]. Several Buildings were set on fire yesterday by the
provincials on Noddles-Island; as likewise Hay, etc.,
on Thompson's; and to day the large Mansion-Ho.
occupy'd by H Williams was entirely consumed and
considerable of Cattle drove off.

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