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Massachusetts Historical Society: Photographs of Native Americans

Photographing the American Indian:
Portraits of Native Americans, 1860-1913, from the collections of
the Massachusetts Historical Society

Little Crow's Son. Wo-Wi-Na-Pe. (One Who Comes in Sight.)

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Little Crow`s Son. Wo-Wi-Na-Pe. (One Who Comes in Sight.) Carte de visite

After the Sioux Uprising in 1862, Colonel Henry Sibley led military expeditions and engaged the Sioux in battles and then pursued various tribe members who had participated in the conflict. In July 1863 Wo-Wi-Na-Pe (Little Crow's Son) was picking raspberries with Little Crow near Scattered Lake in the Big Woods, when his father was shot and killed by Nathan Lamson, who was out hunting with his own son. Three weeks later Wo-Wi-Na-Pe was captured by Sibley's troops. He was held at Fort Snelling, Minnesota, put on trial by a military commission, and sentenced to death, although never executed. He spent over two years in prison but was released in 1866, at which time he converted to Christianity and started the first YMCA for the Sioux.

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