Diary of John Quincy Adams, volume 1

Thursday July 26th 1781.

Friday August 17th 1781.

Friday July 27th 1781. JQA Friday July 27th 1781. Adams, John Quincy
Friday July 27th 1781.

This morning we went to see the kings arsenal, 1


The break in the present entry and the absence of all succeeding entries to that of 17 Aug., together with the opening lines of that entry, are attributable to the loss of MS p. 149–156; see note to entry of 8 July (above). The journey from Berlin to Riga can be reconstructed from Dana's Journal. They remained in Berlin until 2 Aug. On that morning they left for Danzig, traveling day and night until they reached their destination in the late afternoon of 6 Aug. They remained in Danzig until early in the morning of 9 Aug., and stayed at the Hotel D'Angleterre, which gave them a fine vantage point to view the ancient Hanseatic city. Their next objective was Königsberg (now Kaliningrad), the capital of Prussia, where they arrived late in the afternoon of 10 Aug. They remained there a day, but set off early the following morning for Memel (now Klaipeda), traveling on a very disagreeable route along a narrow tongue of land which parallels the Baltic, until they arrived at their destination at 6 P.M. on 13 Aug. They stayed the night in Memel, but resumed their travels to Riga early the next morning.