Diary of John Quincy Adams, volume 1

19th. Tuesday.

21st. Thursday.

20th. Wednesday. JQA 20th. Wednesday. Adams, John Quincy
20th. Wednesday.

In the forenoon Mr. Wolff came to pay a visit to Mr. D. In the afternoon I went with Mr. Artaud to a booksellers and bought Cicero's catilinaries French and Latin,1 and to the academy to get an almanack. In the evening Mr. Rimbert came to pay Mr. D. a visit.


This is undoubtedly Phillippiques de Demosthene, et Catilinaires de Ciceron . . ., transl. Pierre Joseph Thoulier, l'Abbé d'Olivet, Paris, 1771, now in MQA with JQA's bookplate. JQA apparently used Olivet's French translation of the Catilinaries to compare it with his own, begun on 30 Jan. (above). In a partial, undated translation of the first oration (M/JQA/44, Adams Papers, Microfilms, Reel No. 239), he wrote out Olivet's translation and footnotes (from Olivet's version, p. 209–214) on even-numbered pages, writing on the odd-numbered pages a fair copy of his own French translation begun on 30 Jan. (M/JQA/45, same, Reel No. 240).