Diary of John Quincy Adams, volume 1

25th. Monday.

27th. Wednesday.

26th. Tuesday. JQA 26th. Tuesday. Adams, John Quincy
26th. Tuesday.

In the forenoon Mr. D. went to take a walk. After dinner I went to a booksellers and bought a Latin and French Dictionary.1 Cloudy weather.

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This is possibly Jean Boudot, Dictionarium Universale Latino-Gallicum, Paris, 1774, or his third edition, Paris, 1775, both of which contain JQA's earliest bookplate, but no date of purchase. During his first month in St. Petersburg, he bought for “8 Rubles 50 Copecks” another volume which includes a Latin-French dictionary, François Antoine Pomay, Le Grand dictionnaire royale en trois langues, savoir, la françoise, la latine et l'allemande, 2 vols., Augsburg, 1767 ( Catalogue of JQA's Books ).