Diary of John Quincy Adams, volume 1

26th. Tuesday.

28th. Thursday.

27th. Wednesday. JQA 27th. Wednesday. Adams, John Quincy
27th. Wednesday.

Went in the forenoon with Mr. D. to a bookseller's and bought the King of Prussia's works.1 Mr. D. went to take a walk after dinner. Mr. Hoogwerst came to pay us a visit. Mr. Artaud dined out. Cloudy weather all day.


Frederick the Great, (Oeuvres du philosophe de Sans-Souci, 4 vols., Neuchatel, 1760, with JQA's notation: “bo't St. Petersbourg, Feby. 16/27, 1782 ... 3 Rubles, 25 Copecks” ( Catalogue of JQA's Books ).