Diary of John Quincy Adams, volume 1

27th. Wednesday.

N.(1782)S. March. 1st. Friday.

28th. Thursday. JQA 28th. Thursday. Adams, John Quincy
28th. Thursday.

In the forenoon I received a letter from Holland, from my Father;1 and another From America.2 Mr. D went to take a ride after dinner. Stay'd at home all day. Cloudy weather. Finished the first volume of Mrs. Macaulay's history of England 420 pages and begun the 2d.


That of 5 Feb. ( Adams Family Correspondence , 4:282–283), which JQA says he “receiv'd three days agone” (JQA to JA, 4 March, same, p. 286–287).


The only possibility, from evidence in surviving letters, is Elizabeth Cranch to JQA, May 1781 (same, p. 146–148), which JQA states he received “some days agone” in his reply to her of 17 March (same, p. 297).