Diary of John Quincy Adams, volume 1

6th. Wednesday.

8th. Friday.

7th. Thursday. JQA 7th. Thursday. Adams, John Quincy
7th. Thursday.

This morning Mr. D. went with Mr. Artaud to get some maps at the Academy. I went to a bookseller's and bought Manstein's Memoir's upon Russia, and Anecdotes du Nord.1 Mr. Artaud dined and supped out. Clear weather.


Christoph Hermann von Manstein, Memoires historiques sur la Russie depuis 1727 jusqu'à 1744, Paris, 1771, with JQA's notation: “bo't at St. Petersbourg, March 7th., 1782, No. 20”; Pierre Antoine de La Place and others, Anecdotes du Nord, la Suede le Danemarck, etc., Paris, 1770, with notation: “bo't at St. Petersbourg, March 7, 1782. No. 21. Ruble 1 Copecks 50” ( Catalogue of JQA's Books ). The book numbers refer to JQA's book purchases in St. Petersburg.