Diary of John Quincy Adams, volume 1

7th. Sunday.

9th. Tuesday.

8th. Monday. JQA 8th. Monday. Adams, John Quincy
8th. Monday.

Finished the fourth and last Catilinary of Cicero. In the forenoon I went to the English Library and took out the second and third Volumes of Robertson's history of Charles. V. Begun the 2d. Mr. Peyron came to pay Mr. D. a visit. Mr. D. receiv'd a letter from Holland from my Father.1 Mr. Artaud dined at Mr. Rimberts. In the afternoon I went to take a walk upon the quay. Mr. D. wrote a letter to my Father.2 Very fine weather.


That of 15 March (MHi:Dana Papers).


That of 28 March O.S. (Adams Papers).