Diary of John Quincy Adams, volume 1

9th. Thursday.

11th. Saturday.

10th. Friday. JQA 10th. Friday. Adams, John Quincy
10th. Friday.

This morning I went with Mr. D. to the Dutch Ambassador's and to the Resident's.1 Went and took a walk upon the quay with Mr. Artaud. Mr. D. spent the evening out. Clear weather.


Dutch recognition of American independence brought closer diplomatic ties between the isolated Dana and Dutch representatives at St. Petersburg. Dana wrote to JA on this day: “The Dutch Resident made a visit yesterday to give me the news. I have visited him today. . . . The Ambassador this week, returned a visit I had made him on 2 May, see entry, above in consequence of an intimation he had given that it wou'd be agreeable to him. I have visited him again to day on this occasion” (29 April O.S., Adams Papers).