Diary of John Quincy Adams, volume 1

6th. Friday.

8th. Sunday.

7th. Saturday. JQA 7th. Saturday. Adams, John Quincy
7th. Saturday.

This forenoon I went with Mr. D to Mr. Rimberts but found no body at home. After dinner I went with Mr. Artaud to the Academy to give my name to be advertised, but could not, because on Saturdays in the afternoon they do not take names. Every body that goes away from hence must have his name advertised in the News-papers at three different times.1


This procedure was necessary, as JQA later explained, “because no body can pass the frontiers without having a passport from St. Petersbourg. And no body can get a Passport from St. Petersbourg, without having his name advertised three times in the Newspapers: nor without Producing the Passport with which he came into Russia” (JQA's essay on Russia [ca. Sept. 1783], M/JQA/43, Adams Papers, Microfilms, Reel No. 238). Public notice was also useful “so that if any occasion should present of a fellow traveller,” JQA might take advantage of it (Dana to JA, 16 Sept., Adams Papers).