Diary of John Quincy Adams, volume 1

7th Thursday –8th Friday.

10th. Sunday.

9th. Saturday. JQA 9th. Saturday. Adams, John Quincy
9th. Saturday.

This morning we went to see the fortress of Sweaborg. Dined with the General Posse. Prince Galitzin1 arrived here this evening.


Possibly a brother or son of Prince Dmitri A. Gallitzin (1734–1803), a man of letters and Russian ambassador at Paris, 1763–1768, and at The Hague, 1770–1782 ( Repertorium der diplomatischen Vertreter aller Länder , p. 354, 359; JA, Diary and Autobiography , 3:3, 15, 29; Eufrosina Dvoichenko-Markoff, “Benjamin Franklin, the American Philosophical Society, and the Russian Academy of Science,” Amer. Philos. Soc., Procs., 91 [1947]:252–253).