Diary of John Quincy Adams, volume 1



7th. JQA 7th. Adams, John Quincy

I dined at Mr. C. B. Wadström's with a great deal of company. In the evening I went to the play,1 which can indeed hardly be call'd a play. However, it is as much as this small town can allow. After the play I return'd to Mr. Wadström's where with all the company.2


In the margin is a small pencil sketch of two figures standing before a backdrop.


Laid in between pages two and three of the Diary is the following four-line poem, written presumably in Wadström's hand:

Monsieur et chèr Ami ! Tout se passe avec le Tems Le Tems se passe de même L'Eternité n'a point de Tems Mon Amitié de meme a Norrköping en Ostrogothie

CB: Wadström.

le 7me. Janvier 1783