Diary of John Quincy Adams, volume 1

18th. Tuesd.

20th. Thurd.

19th. Wednesd. JQA 19th. Wednesd. Adams, John Quincy
19th. Wednesd.

This forenoon Mr. Heiliger;1 a Gentleman from the Danish West India's, and who has liv'd in America some time, came to see me. The wind continues still bad.


John Heyliger (sometimes Hyleger or Heiliger), a member of a trading and planting family from St. Croix with New York connections; JQA later recalled that he “was under many obligations” to Heyliger during his three-week stay in Copenhagen (entry for 10 Aug. 1785, below; NYHS, Colls., 14 [1905]:270.)