Diary of John Quincy Adams, volume 2



20th. JQA 20th. Adams, John Quincy
A List of the Class that graduated yesterday.
John Andrews Divinity.1
Samuel Andrews Law
x John Bartlett  died in 1786.
Timothy Bigelow Law
Joseph Blake Do.
Samuel Borland
Nathaniel Bowman Physic.
Alden Bradford Divinity
Christopher Grant Champlin
Daniel Colt
Amos Crosby +
William Cutler Physic.
John Derby Commerce
William Dodge Sea
Josiah Dwight
Robert Fowle Divinity.
Elias Elisha Gardener
Samuel Pickering Gardener Commerce
John Gibaut Sailor
Robert Gray Settled at Dover Divinity.
James Gray
William Harris Divinity.
Ebenezer Hill
Nathaniel Howe
Dudley Hubbard Law
Jonathan Leonard
Henry Lincoln Divinity
Joseph Loring Physic
John Lowell Law
Porter Lummus
Jacob Norton + Settled at Weymouth Divinity.
Isaac Parker Law
David Pearce Commerce.
Thaddeus Pomeroy
Jonathan Edwards Porter
Isaac Rand
John Simpkins Divinity
x James Sullivan + died in 1787.
John Taylor Law
Joseph Thomas
Thomas Thompson Law
John Eugene Tyler
x John Warland died in 1788
Joseph Warren
Tapley Wyeth + Physic

I set out from Cambridge between eight and nine. Stop'd and dined at General Warren's in Milton; and got home at about 4 o'clock. Mr. Shaw and my brother Tom, arrived soon after me.


Death dates and occupations were probably added on at least two separate occasions. The reason for the crosses after the names of Crosby, Norton, Sullivan, and Wyeth is uncertain.