Adams Family Correspondence, volume 8

John Adams to Abigail Adams

Abigail Adams to Margaret Smith

Abigail Adams to Lewis D. Ward, [before 17 March 1788] Adams, Abigail Ward, Lewis D.
Abigail Adams to Lewis D. Ward
[ante 17 March 1788] Sir

Mr Adams being absent upon publick Buisness in Holland when your Letter came to Hand I take the Liberty of replying to it, as I know he will be so much hurried for time when he returns as to be unable to attend to private matters, but I can answer for him, and am sure that he harbours no resentment against mrs Ward but wishes both of you success in Life & will rejoice to find that you are in Buisness. as to any intelligence respecting Mrs Wards Mother or family we are totally Ignorant about them not having heard a word respecting them Since we came to Europe, but as we expect Soon to return, if Mrs Ward wishes to write to them & will forward a Letter in the course of 8 Days it shall be carefully conveyd to them

I am sorry to hear that mrs Ward has been so ill & sincerly wish her a restoration to Health1

Dft (Adams Papers); docketed by JA: “A. A. / 1788.” Drafted on the same sheet of paper as AA to John Bowring, [ante 30 March], below, and filmed at [March 1788].


Lewis Ward first wrote to JA on 11 July 1785 requesting assistance in setting himself up in business as bookbinder. His wife was probably Ann Veasey Ward (b. 1752), the 246daughter of Jerusha Boylston Veasey (1719– 1797), JA's maternal aunt (Sprague, Braintree Families , p. 5207R). Ward wrote again on 29 Feb. 1788, at that point a printer in Birmingham, seeking information about his mother-in-law and reporting news of his wife's illness. On 18 March, the Wards replied to AA's letter, which they had received on the 17th, thanking her for her favor and wishing the family a safe voyage (all Adams Papers).