Papers of John Adams, volume 3


Guide to Editorial Apparatus

xxiii Acknowledgments Acknowledgments

Most of those mentioned in the Acknowledgments in Volume 1 of the Papers of John Adams have continued to extend courtesies and offer help and advice, but a few persons need particular recognition here. Professor John W. Zarker of Tufts University kindly checked our translations of Latin tags in these volumes, and Paul H. Smith of the Library of Congress suggested a revised date for an Adams letter. Stephen Kalkus, Director of the Navy Department Library, lent for use in our office a rare compilation of the regulations of the British Navy. Two experts on the bibliography of military manuals and other works for the eighteenth century gave us important guidance in evaluating Adams' knowledge of such books—Alan C. Aimone, Military History Librarian at the United States Military Academy, and Robert K. Wright Jr., historian, Organizational History Branch, Department of the Army. Marc Friedlaender, adjunct editor of the Adams Papers, read the entire manuscript carefully and critically, offering numerous suggestions for improvement. Elizabeth Breuer and Katherine Oppermann, editorial assistants, worked diligently at verifying notes, typing, and helping with proofreading and indexing.