Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 3

Thursday. 22d.

Saturday 24th.

Friday. 23d. CFA Friday. 23d. CFA
Friday. 23d.

Morning fine, with the ground covered with a brilliant white frost, which in it’s appearance resembled snow. At the Office, Mr. Orcutt called to ask me about the applications for his house and to remonstrate against the admission of a certain Mrs. Wells one of the applicants.1 I cut him short being obliged to go according to appointment to see Mrs. Lewis. She commenced as all Tenants do by abusing the House and finished by requiring repairs and a diminution of rent. The lease of this House by Dr. Lewis expires on the 13th of December, and the rent has hitherto been punctually and fully paid. Rents have fallen and I think it myself very doubtful whether this House could 54longer be let at it’s present rate.2 I promised however to refer the matter to my father. On returning to my Office, I found two applicants for the Tenement, both anxious to take it, and having heard a very good character of Mrs. Wells from Dr. Lewis who offered to be bound for her rent, I thought this better evidence than Orcutt’s and so admitted her, so that this Tenement has not been a moment on my hands. Should I make arrangements with Mrs. Lewis, the House and Store in Court Street will be the only things left 3 of my anticipated trouble. I had time also to read a portion of Marshall, but not with steady or fixed attention. Afternoon at home, reading La Harpe on the Writings of Demosthenes and Cicero, subject of eloquence. I attempted a commencement of my project but was dissatisfied with the result. Continued my Catalogue. Miss Julia Gorham took tea here after which I read the account of the Cat tribe in the Library of Entertaining Knowledge.


Mrs. M. Wells did become the occupant of Tenement No. 3 at 101 Tremont Street, remaining until 13 Aug. 1830. Her monthly rent of $12.50 was, in general, paid promptly (M/CFA/3).


Dr. Winslow Lewis, the husband or son of Mrs. Harriet Lewis, was unsuccessful in securing a reduction in the annual rental of $450 for the house at 105 Tremont Street. When the house became vacant, CFA was able on 1 April 1830 to obtain a rental of only $375 (M/CFA/3).


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