Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 3

Friday. 11th.

Sunday. 13th.

102 Saturday 12th. CFA Saturday 12th. CFA
Saturday 12th.

It was cloudy with wind and rain during the day, being one of those heavy storms of which we have had so many during this Season. But as the wind was from the South it was warm and by thus keeping off the severity of the Winter more than paid me for it’s violence. I was at the Office engaged in reading Williston, and in a variety of occupations too minute to describe. Mr. Curtis called upon me for the settlement of the affairs of Mr. Boylston, and I agreed to finish with them if Mrs. Boylston would call upon me early next week. I also succeeded in passing an Account against the Estate which George had made my Father pay. It was very small to be sure but it will now pay Jones’s new charge against my Father. Orcutt too came up to see me, just as I began to feel a little afraid I had suffered a total loss from him. He told me the usual Story and as I had got tired of it I finished off by offering to take his Interest in the Estate he speaks of as security for the payment of the debt. He promised next week to make a final settlement. I intend to press him. It is better to get beyond contingencies.

After dinner, I studied Aeschines as usual but did not accomplish as much as I ought to have done, considering that I have added an hour to my time. My writing does not progress as I wish it did. I am almost in despair. The evening was taken up in reading to Abby from Clarissa. The storm was such that I could not go out to the Debating Society, being impressed with the notion that we could not have a meeting. Here is another branch in which I aim at success and feel as if circumstances were against me. Can I not pronounce the words, I will.