Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 3

Saturday. 6th.

Monday 8th.

181 Sunday. 7th. CFA Sunday. 7th. CFA
Sunday. 7th.

The Morning was misty with Clouds, but mild. Immediately after breakfast, I started with my Wife to go to Medford. We had a very tolerable ride for the air was mild. Arrived, we found the family as usual, with the addition of Miss Mary B. Hall.1 We went directly to Meeting and heard Mr. Stetson preach a Communion Sermon, after which I walked home, enjoying my walk very much. It was one of those early Spring days which make one agreeably sensible of even the slight change of atmosphere that has taken place, when things begin to thaw in the shade. After dinner, I again attended Church and heard Mr. Hedge of West Cambridge preach a tolerably good Sermon, upon the vicious search after excitement which so generally prevails. Mr. Hedge is a young man of tolerable talents and more acquirement. He talks a little too learnedly about things in general, for the comprehension of his Parish, but time and reason soon cure that. He wants judgment, and that is seldom mended.

We returned home in the rain, and passed the remainder of the day and evening in reading the English Papers, which are amusing. But the occupation is not a very creditable one. It seems however to be destined that I shall waste my time.


Mary Brooks Hall remained with her uncle after the death of Mrs. Brooks until 20 March, taking on many of the household duties that Charlotte Everett, pregnant and not well, was unable to assume (Charlotte Everett to Edward Everett, various dates, Feb.–March, Everett MSS, MHi).