Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 3

Wednesday. 28th.

Friday 30th.

Thursday 29th. CFA Thursday 29th. CFA
Thursday 29th.

Morning delightful. Went to the Office as usual and passed my time in reading with little interruption. Miss Wells only came to pay a month’s rent for her Mother and to tell me that it was probable she should not leave the House. I am glad of this as she is the most punctual Tenant I have, and it makes all the arrangements of my real Estate fully and clearly settled. I now have a clear control and hope to go on swimmingly. My difficulties have been considerable owing to the loose mode of carrying on business heretofore pursued, and though I still fear there are black spots yet I hope to be able to prevent the preceding losses from happening at least so heavily again. The road once got smooth it is my fault if it becomes rough again. One of the Conants came from Weston with one of the Horses sick. I immediately had him carried to Mr. Forbes’ Stable to be taken care of, but he did not seem to me to be in a very bad condition.

I went to dine according to appointment at Mr. Frothingham’s and spent the afternoon in the Athenaeum verifying my authorities. I found them all correct, and had some time at my disposal beside, which was passed in rather desultory reading. At the Post office where I obtained a letter from my father inclosing Deacon Spear’s Notes which should be paid on Saturday.1 I did not read it directly, but went for my Wife, and passed an hour eating Oysters. After returning home, occupied some time in reading and writing over my Essay. I begin to think it very superficial.


JQA to CFA, 23 April (Adams Papers).