Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 3

Saturday 5th.

Monday. 7th.

Sunday. 6th. CFA Sunday. 6th. CFA
Sunday. 6th.

Morning cloudy and cold. After breakfast we concluded upon going to Medford today as the family at Quincy are probably in a state of 255disorder and not ready to receive us. Our ride was not a very agreeable one, but we reached Medford in time to accompany Mr. Brooks to meeting. It was a matter of gratification to us to find that Mrs. Everett had left the House and given place to Mrs. Frothingham. This is a kind woman and not actuated by the same feelings in the least. I once felt much esteem for the other lady, but greater intimacy has not improved it. Though I do think she has many estimable points, I also consider she has as many quite the reverse. Mrs. Frothingham with half the pretention has twice the substance. It rained so that Mr. Brooks did not think proper to attend Meeting in the afternoon, so we remained at home. I tried to read the Edinburgh Review, but my attention was distracted and on the whole I feel as if I ought to put down the day as wasted.