Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 3

Saturday 26th.

Monday. 28th.

Sunday. 27th. CFA Sunday. 27th. CFA
Sunday. 27th.

Morning fine and warm. These two have been the first days in which the weather could be supposed to have shown us Summer. We attended divine service this morning, and heard Dr. Pierce1 of Brookline preach in a manner not the most interesting to me. He dined with Mr. Brooks and as the Carriage was full, I walked home. The exercise not being usual to me at midday affected me a good deal—The heat being also considerable. It is a fair mile and a quarter in the Sun. I felt so fatigued that after dinner I fell asleep and declined attending Church. Dr. Pierce probably may not have relished it but I confess I return the compliment to his Sermons.

Mr. Frothingham preached at West Cambridge and dined at home which necessitated four walks like mine, and fatigued him pretty thoroughly. Read more of Winthrop in the afternoon. Mr. Savage does not please me. He writes some silly and other impudent Notes, and his book is altogether unworthy the labour he put upon it. The air was cooled by a thunder shower. Evening quietly spent—Every body being fatigued, soon went to bed.


Long a minister at Brookline, John Pierce (1773–1849), Harvard 1793 (S.T.D. 1822), was a friend of JA. Pierce recorded in his MS diary (now in MHi) numerous meetings with JA at Quincy from 1796 onward, and also a detailed account of JA’s funeral. A memoir of Pierce is in MHS, Colls., 4th ser., 1 (1852)1:277–295; see also NEQ , 28:216–236 (June 1955), where accounts of his visits to JA are printed.