Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 3

Monday. 30th.

Wednesday. September 1st.

Tuesday 31st. CFA Tuesday 31st. CFA
Tuesday 31st.

Morning pleasant. Abby accompanied me to town to see her Sister Mrs. Sidney Brooks who is now there. I left her at Mrs. Dehon’s and went to the Office. Several persons called to see me, one concerning the empty house in Common Street, one as to the punctuality of Miss Longhurst as a Tenant, one upon Mr. New’s Affairs, and my Carpenter, Mr. J. Y. Champney. Mr. Pratt is an Agent for the Railway Quarry and came about my Job of Stone Work. I explained to him what I 312wanted done and he left me promising to bring a plan and estimates. Called to see Mr. Brooks who was disappointed not to find us ready to go to Medford. My time in this manner vanished rapidly enough. Returned to Quincy and passed the afternoon in working upon my Catalogue. Mr. Beale came in and passed an hour of the Evening. My time seems like nothing, it goes so fast.