Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 3

Wednesday. September 1st.

Friday. 3d.

Thursday. Sept. 2d. CFA Thursday. Sept. 2d. CFA
Thursday. Sept. 2d.

After arriving in town, I spent all my Morning in overlooking the taking in my Coal at my House—Not being willing to trust it to be done without my supervision. I like my purchase exceedingly, the Coal itself being fine and the price as low as any of this kind ever sold for. As it took up much time, I thought I would make some alterations in my Library so as to be more convenient upon my return. It is such fatiguing work that I have never yet done it properly.

Returned to Quincy a little late. In the afternoon pursued my Catalogue and made a finish of the mass of the books in the study, but all those upstairs remain to be done. Had a short Conversation with my Mother about the health of my Wife and sat working as usual until eleven o’clock.