Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 3

Monday. 11th.

Wednesday. 13th.

Tuesday. 12th. CFA Tuesday. 12th. CFA
Tuesday. 12th.

Morning delicious. I finished this morning the work of making the Catalogue and now it only remains to take it off, in a fair Copy. Went to the office where I found hardly a moment of leisure. My interruptions were so numerous that I could not find time to finish my Journal. Mr. Hurlbert called and we discussed the matter of doing 1 his Store over. I felt frightened about the amount requisite to finish it as I had projected and therefore we agreed to let him make his own improvements upon a Lease of five years from next April.2 Richardson came in and talked over matters a little while. I then went to the South end and gave directions about repairing the Tenements, besides calling to get Thomas Adams’ Certificate of Insurance Stock. Returned to my Office where I finished the Deed of New’s Equity in Lynde Street and gave it to Mr. Minot3 who paid over the sum necessary to settle it, which finishes that part of the business. I had agreed to go to Medford today so that we started as soon as I could get away. Mr. Frothingham and ourselves dined there. Afternoon was passed away by a visit of a Mr. and Mrs. Clapp and the lady’s sister Miss Payne. He is a wreck, a mere living atom, and miserable specimen of decayed existence. They left early and we passed the evening in conversation. N.B. This gentleman died but a few days after this was written.4


Word editorially supplied.


See above, entry for 11 March, note.


Perhaps William Minot, counselor, 39 Court Street ( Boston Directory, 1830–1831).


On 25 Oct. the Boston Patriot (p. 3, col.1) carried a notice of the death of Elisha Clapp, aged 54, after a sickness of twelve years. He resided at 18 Winthrop Place ( Boston Directory, 1830–1831).