Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 3

Thursday. 23d.

Saturday. 25th.

Friday. 24th. CFA Friday. 24th. CFA
Friday. 24th.

Much milder weather this morning. I went down to the Office as usual. Found there a letter from my Father, requesting information of some missing things, and giving an account of the rest of his Journey. He arrived on the 17th after a pretty fatiguing time of it.1 My time was passed in reading my Grandfather’s letters to Mr. Tudor about the circumstances of the American Revolution.2 It is singular, but I have read these at least twice before and never have derived from them the kind of information I have now. Probably from the fact that I have obtained more information upon the subject generally.

Took a pretty long walk before dinner and concluded that as my father said he wanted information immediately,3 I would go out to Quincy at once. So I started with my man Benjamin Sawtell,4 and arrived there at a little after four. Found Mrs. Kirke had gone into Boston, so that after much delay and hesitation I was compelled to 388force the window of the second story to get into my father’s study, where I found both the Letter book and the Bank book which he missed.5 Having done this, I hastened to return and arrived at home shortly after seven o’clock in time to read Corinne with my Wife, to accomplish some of my Catalogue and to read a little of the Tatler.


JQA to CFA, 18 Dec., Adams Papers.


During 1817 and 1818 JA wrote a number of letters in which he rehearsed the events precedent to the Revolution as he recollected them. Many of these “Letters from the Hon. John Adams, to the Hon. Wm. Tudor, and Others, on the Events of the American Revolution” were published as an appendix (p. 229–312) to a collected edition of Novanglus and Massachusettensis ..., Boston, 1819.


JQA was fearful that his bankbook and letterbook had been mislaid in one of the many trying episodes of the journey to Washington, or had been stolen. However, he admitted the possibility that they had been left behind in Quincy and therefore wished a search made (JQA to CFA, 18 Dec., Adams Papers).


Earlier: “Salter.” See entry for 6 July, above.


A fuller account of this expedition is contained in CFA to JQA, 25 Dec., Adams Papers.