Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 3

Sunday. 26th.

Tuesday. 28th.

Monday. 27th. CFA Monday. 27th. CFA
Monday. 27th.

The day was one of heavy and constant rain and very dark. I went to the Office as usual and enjoyed a very quiet uninterrupted morning. 390I passed my time in finishing my Accounts and settling their several balances for this Quarter, and in writing some more Notes upon the sayings of the Ancient Wise men. My plan was at first merely to transcribe them but afterwards extended itself to commenting upon each. Perhaps it is of no value, but it gives me room for reflection upon what I read. And this is the thing I want. I then sat down and read in the same style two or three of the Essays of Lord Bacon, one on Despatch, another upon Studies, which are wonderful concentrations of wisdom. This power of embodying thought, is the only thing truly valuable. The rest is secondary.

After dinner, I continued my review of Brutus which I had commenced two or three days since and progressed very considerably in it. Most of the early part however is hardly worth a review. Evening, with my Wife reading L’Hermite en Londres.1 John Gorham, Miss Julia’s brother came in soon after and spent the evening. I began the second part of my Catalogue and read the two Numbers of the Tatler.


L’hermite de Londres ... is one of the works by deJouy in MQA; 3 vols., Paris, 1821–1822.