Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Friday. 8th.

Sunday. 10th.

Saturday. 9th. CFA Saturday. 9th. CFA
Saturday. 9th.

Morning clear though with a very violent Wind remaining as witness of the Storm. I read Aeschines and went to the Office, where I was occupied some time in my accounts after which I read several Articles in the North American Review, for this month. But it was quite surprising how little I thought of them. Somehow or other this publication has not any tone. Mr. Everett began well, but he suddenly became a Politician and that tied up his Fingers.

I had intended to have gone to Quincy but as the Wind was so high and Deacon Spear informed me it was very bad riding I did not think proper to go. Little or nothing else material took place.

Afternoon at home reading the two Orations addressed to the Senate and People upon his return from exile. They are full of compliments and amount to very little. Began that in defence of his House the land of which had been consecrated1 by Clodius, which is a much more important production.

Evening at home. Began reading Parry’s third Voyage to the North West which is comparatively uninteresting.2 After it, I began Franklin’s land Journey to the Polar Sea in 1819–20 and was much interested in the account of it.3 After which the Spectator.


Word thus in MS; it does not convey fully the situation which was the occasion of the oration: the confiscation of Cicero’s house by Clodius under the excuse that the land on which it stood would be used as the site of a temple, and thus consecrated.


Journal of a Third Voyage for the Discovery of a North-West Passage ... 1824, 1825, London [also Phila.], 1826.


Sir John Franklin, Narrative of a Journey to the Shores of the Polar Sea ... 1819–1822, London, 1823.