Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5


Guide to Editorial Apparatus

xxxiv Acknowledgments Acknowledgments

The editors recognize that the editorial preparation of the volumes of The Adams Papers is achieved in good part through the combined efforts of The Adams Papers staff. Because various parts of the operation— transcription of manuscripts, for example—were carried forward long before the volumes being published could be said to be in the making, the list of those on the staff who have contributed significantly must include a number of former members as well as those presently on the staff. The editorial assistants and associates no longer on the staff whose work on these two volumes deserves more than general notice are Patricia O’R. Drechsler, Kate Heath, Kathleen O’Mara, and Nancy J. Simkin. During the trying period between the submission of copy to the press and the completion of the index we have been fortunate in having as our able assistants, Janet Romaine and Celeste Walker. In the late stages, a third editor, Mary-Jo Kline, has joined the Papers, not too late to make useful contributions to these volumes.

Two institutions whose ties with the Adams Papers are so close and whose contributions are so integral a part of the preparation of each published unit that they may be said to be as much a part of the Papers as we are a part of them are the Massachusetts Historical Society and Harvard University Press. The rich resources of each in able specialists have been freely available to us. The director of the Society, Stephen T. Riley, has been a valued day-by-day participant in the solution of our problems and always thoughtful of our needs. He, together with Malcolm Freiberg, as members of the Society’s Publication Committee, have joined us in reading galley proofs. At the Press, to our great benefit and happiness, our Adams Papers editor and colleague, is and has been from the outset of our enterprise, Ann Louise C. McLaughlin.

From those who direct and staff the institutions whose generous help through the years has made them, in a sense, collaborators in our undertaking, we recognize for their assistance during the preparation of these volumes: Wilhelmina S. Harris at the Adams National Historic Site, Quincy; Jack Jackson at the Boston Athenaeum, and a former staff member there, James E. Belliveau; Marcus A. McCorison and Frederick Bauer at the American Antiquarian Society, Worcester; xxxvHelen D. Willard and her successor Jeanne T. Newlin at the Theatre Collection, Kimball C. Elkins and his successor Harley P. Holden at the Archives, both invaluable parts of the Harvard University Library; Joseph O’Neill at the Boston Public Library; E. Harold Hugo and William J. Glick at the Meriden Gravure Company.

For assistance, graciously given, on particular matters, words of thanks are due Richard C. Kugler of the Old Dartmouth Historical Society Whaling Museum, New Bedford; Edouard A. Stackpole of The Peter Foulger Museum, Nantucket; Paul Conley and Wilbur Raymond of the Somerville (Massachusetts) Historical Society; and Louise Ambler of the Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge.