Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

January. 1833. Tuesday. 1st.

Thursday. 3d.

Wednesday. 2d. CFA Wednesday. 2d. CFA
Wednesday. 2d.

This was what is commonly called Election day. That is, the day upon which the newly elected Government of the State goes into operation. I went to the Office as usual and was occupied in settling up Affairs, making out new Accounts for the next year and finishing off old ones. It took up nearly all of my time. Took a walk. The day was lovely. If our season of last year was a cold and dreary one, that of this has been as extraordinarily mild. My walk was a very pleasant one. Gorham Brooks and his Wife dined with us. He was pleasant enough.1 And our little dinner went off without difficulty. I should very much like to see company at my house on easy, social terms. Afternoon, passed in reading Anquetils Account of the Ligue. His is very much the same story, I have seen at second hand in Lingard.2 Not much to the credit of the French character. Evening, quiet at home. Finished Malvina, which is a gloomy book enough. Mem. not to read any more of Madame Cottin. Burns’ Life, afterwards, more of Wieland.3


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