Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Thursday. 10th.

Saturday. 12th.

Friday. 11th. CFA Friday. 11th. CFA
Friday. 11th.

A severely cold morning. I went to the Office. The Child appears to be better, but my cold affects me considerably. Engaged in writing. Received a curious letter from Mr. Foord, Register of Dedham, which I answered before night.1 I also finished Lingard’s eleventh Volume which is on the whole as good as any of them. Took a half hour to read Mr. Everett’s article upon Nullification. He is not powerful upon Constitutional Law. His mind embraces no great principles.2

Took a walk but the cold and the wind were so very intolerable, I was induced to shorten it. In the Afternoon, looked over Hallam and made considerable progress in my Article which I hope two or three more days will finish. It is totally different from the former one, perhaps better, but I do not know. Evening passed quietly at home. Read the rest of Ourika, a little trifle with but one idea in it, and more of Lady Craven’s very absurd and good for nothing book.3 Read a little of Hallam. The winter shows it’s face at last.


To Enos Foord (LbC, Adams Papers); the letter from Foord is missing. CFA had objected to the charges made for registering a deed.


A. H. Everett’s article on nullification is in the North Amer. Rev. (vol. 36:235).


The book which CFA sometimes refers to as Lady Craven’s and sometimes as the Margravine of Anspach’s is the same, her Memoirs. See note to Jan. 10, above.