Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Thursday. 17th.

Saturday. 19th.

Friday. 18th. CFA Friday. 18th. CFA
Friday. 18th.

Morning somewhat milder. I went to the office. Little or nothing material. Read some of Lingard’s Charles the second, wrote Diary and busied myself without much interruption in my common, every day occupations. So quiet and settled is my mode of life that nothing happens commonly to interfere with it. I believe I ought to be abundantly satisfied that I am so entirely free from anxiety of any kind. I am satisfied, abundantly satisfied. When I consider how many young men 13there are who have no resources of mind and an overabundance of wealth, I congratulate myself upon those I have been so fortunate as to acquire.

Took a walk. Afternoon, finished No. 9 on Anti Masonry. Reviewed the three on hand and concluded to send them. Mr. Hallett seems to think they may be useful enough to collect and publish if I finish them. Certainly no indolence of mine shall stand in the way. I have done expecting much from my pen. I once was vain of it. Mortification ought to make me humble. Evening quietly at home. Finished the first volume of the Margravine’s Nonsense.