Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Monday. 28th.

Wednesday. 30th.

Tuesday. 29th. CFA Tuesday. 29th. CFA
Tuesday. 29th.

Cold again. Drew my Middlesex Canal Dividend, inspected books and read Lingard. On the whole pretty actively engaged. Received a short and excessively dispirited letter from my Father, mentioning the sickness of the whole family and his own.1 I do not know how it is, but there must be something or other at the bottom of affairs at Washington. Things do not go on well there. Whose fault it is, I cannot pretend to say, but that it is some one’s it does seem to me probable. My father seems to have lost his energy of character and suffers things to take their course. I hope through all the darkness that we shall see some light. My trust is always in a power above us. May his justice be administered in mercy.

Took a long walk. Afternoon, finished Anquetil’s Spirit of the League. A valuable work on the whole, to study the effects of fanaticism upon the human mind. Mr. Everett sent me a palavering Note in answer to my Saturday’s.2 I was idle. Evening, went to Mrs. B. Gorham’s according to invitation, stopping an hour or two at Gorham Brooks’. Conversation. Mr. Gorham has gone to Washington.3 Several ladies, many of whom I did not know. Remained only half an hour, and wasted at home the rest of the evening.


22 Jan. (Adams Papers).


Both notes missing.


Benjamin Gorham, recently elected to a new term in Congress, was an uncle of ABA; see vol. 2:152.