Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Friday. Feby. 1st.

Sunday. 3d.

Saturday. 2d. CFA Saturday. 2d. CFA
Saturday. 2d.

Cold morning. I went to the Office and was occupied in writing much of my time. I also read the debate which has lately taken place in the Senate between Mr. Calhoun and Mr. Webster upon the measures necessary to be taken by the Government in the contest with South Carolina.1 The latter seems to be assuming a very commanding position in the Nation. He now again comes forward as the supporter of the Administration, and a popular Administration I would also add. The result remains to be seen.

Took a walk. Afternoon, after dining with my Wife at Mr. Frothingham’s and drinking health to his eldest son on his birth day, I returned to my room and read Anquetil.

At six, as my Wife remained at her sister’s, I thought I would drop in to hear the Concert.2 On the whole, effect of it not agreeable. Mrs. Austin however sang effectively—Especially a fine air from Masaniello, which we did not hear in the piece. Did not like Miss Hughes nor Sinclair. Horne did pretty well, but his voice fails often. Out at nine. Called for Abby and returned home.


The debate took place on 28 January.


At the Masonic Temple (Columbian Centinel, 2 Feb., p. 2, col. 3).