Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Monday. 4th.

Wednesday. 6th.

24 Tuesday. 5th. CFA Tuesday. 5th. CFA
Tuesday. 5th.

Clear but the weather somewhat moderated. I went to the Office, and after my usual duties attended a Meeting of the Directors of the Middlesex Canal for the purpose of organizing. Just a quorum present. Business was all performed in a very few minutes. Rest of my time taken up in reading Mackintosh’s History of England, Volume 2d. He takes somewhat original views of the early reigns. And after all I do not know but what he is right. My walk as usual.

In the Afternoon, which was shortened somewhat by reason of Mr. Brooks and Mr. Frothingham dining with me, I read Anquetil. But on the whole, since I have ceased writing, I have to reproach myself with a good deal of indolence. I do not know that I can justify to myself a life in which there is a little too much of luxury and idleness. Yet I am not so far gone as to be unwilling to work whenever I may have an opportunity. My energies must still be kept up in spite of the withering influence of wealth and ease.

Evening quietly at home. Finished the first volume of Caroline of Litchfield and the second of Lady Craven’s Memoirs. Afterwards reviewed some of Wieland.