Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Monday. 11th.

Wednesday. 13th.

Tuesday. 12th. CFA Tuesday. 12th. CFA
Tuesday. 12th.

A very bad day with rain which froze as it reached the ground and made the walking intolerable. I went to the Office and after regulating my Accounts as usual, and writing Diary, I sat down and read Mackintosh. I am really delighted with this Volume. It appears to me the most philosophical history I ever read, and at the same time loses none of the high moral and religious character without which it is not worth studying. How poor all my own thoughts and efforts seem to me in comparison. They appear to be the vapouring of an empty head in comparison with the rich store of a highly cultivated natural intellect. I am in despair as to myself. This is one of the very few books which produces upon me the effect which the works of the old masters have been said to upon painters.

After dinner Anquetil who writes well and is yet tedious. The truth is, his subject has no relief in it. A monotony of struggles, for selfish interests and the passions of a moment. No aspirations breathed 29out from the impulse of the higher principles of our nature. Evening quiet. Caroline of Litchfield and Wieland. I make very slow progress in German.