Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Thursday. 14th.

Saturday. 16th.

Friday. 15th. CFA Friday. 15th. CFA
Friday. 15th.

Morning cloudy but it was pleasant afterwards. I went to the Office and finished the volume of Sir James Mackintosh. The closing sketch of the order of Jesuits is beautifully drawn up. I have expressed my opinion so repeatedly upon the merit of this work that nothing remains for me further to say.

I went to the Athenaeum and looked over the Newspapers. An extraordinary union is taking place in Congress between Mr. Calhoun and Mr. Clay for the purpose of settling this question.1 What the result will be in the Nation, and the fate of the parties, it is impossible to foresee, but I am somewhat fearful that we have reached the brazen age of our Nation.

Took a walk. Afternoon, reading Anquetil. My Wife went to Medford, and I dined alone. Read some of Voltaire’s History of the Parliament. Abby returned to tea. Evening at home. Mr. Beale called in and passed an hour. Dipped into Montaigne.


Calhoun had given his assent to Clay’s proposal to modify the tariff to achieve an end of the crisis.