Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Tuesday. 19th.

Thursday. 21st.

Wednesday. 20th. CFA Wednesday. 20th. CFA
Wednesday. 20th.

Another mild day. Office. Diary and Gouverneur Morris. Many good points about him, but he was an intriguer as there have been few. He wanted to bring out General Washington against my Grandfather on account of the course of the latter in regard to the French treaty. I think it is to be regretted that General W. did not live to answer his application. Of that however I do not know. How much is it to be desired that the papers of General Washington should be published. Mr. Sparks has the care of that too.1

Walk. Afternoon, Anquetil continued—Intrigue, Mazarin, de Retz, Condé, three men perhaps of equal ability though of unequal honesty. Three men who put France to the torture for many years merely to gratify their own selfish purposes. Went on with Voltaire. I have done writing. Who is the gainer? Certainly, I am. Perhaps every body.

Evening, Miss Julia Gorham and Thomas Frothingham took tea, the former went in with us to see Mrs. Jos. Quincy. Quiet evening. Returned at ten.


See vol. 4:xii–xiii.