Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

March. 1833 Friday. 1st.

Sunday. 3d.

Saturday. 2nd. CFA Saturday. 2nd. CFA
Saturday. 2nd.

Snow and a feeble Shine alternated, but towards evening the wind rose and produced a degree of cold greater than any thing we have had 41this winter. I went to the Office and was engaged most of my time in bringing up all my Accounts for Agency as well as on private matters for the last month. This is a business necessary but hardly agreeable.

Attempted a walk with Mr. Peabody, but it was so unpleasant we shortened it considerably. Political affairs at Washington look gloomy. There is very little confidence to be put in any body or in the permanence of any thing. The wild anarchical principle is a little too powerful by this system of our’s.

Afternoon, copied my letter to my father and read more of Anquetil. His book is a history of the passions of the human race. By a process of induction gained from such experiences as those and which are to be found in almost every Country, you could almost make up a book of formulas, representing the course of men upon certain contingencies. Patriotism in its noblest and purest form is a very scarce plant. Our world is too cold for it.

Evening quietly at home. Read Madame de Genlis, and Mrs. Child’s book after which I made progress in Alison’s book. I subdivide my occupations a little too much for my own advantage.