Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Sunday. 3d.

Tuesday. 5th.

Monday. 4th. CFA Monday. 4th. CFA
Monday. 4th.

This is the day upon which General Jackson is inaugurated a second time. The People have made him President, and for once they have in their blindness done better than if they had tried to see. This Country seems to be under divine protection though I cannot say that I see it’s merits. We are a very sinful People in many respects.

At the Office. Read the Intelligencer and a copy of Mr. Arnold’s Speech sent to me by my father.1

Surprised exceedingly by the appearance at my Office of T. B. Adams. I thought him at Pittsburgh. He has a furlough for a couple of months and has come to see his mother.2 We conversed a great deal upon affairs at Washington where he was lately, and upon the condition of the various members of the family. His accounts are on the whole favourable. Read a little of Morris and took a walk.


Thomas Dickens Arnold, Representative from Tennessee.


Mrs. TBA, a widow since March 1832, continued to live in Quincy but with only one of her six children still at home (vol. 3:29; 4:259). Her eldest son, lieutenant in the U.S. Army, was a principal stay in adversity.