Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Tuesday. 5th.

Thursday. 7th.

Wednesday. 6th. CFA Wednesday. 6th. CFA
Wednesday. 6th.

I was detained all the morning in the Supreme Court Room because I wished to obtain admission as a Counsellor, not that I have any object in it. My practice is nothing, but I wish at least to retain my standing in society.1 A cause upon the nature of the liabilities of a master for his servants’ acts was interposed so that I was not released until one o’clock which is my regular time for walking.

Met E. Quincy. He informed me of the death of young Joy which I was very sorry to hear, although he was only an acquaintance.2 Afternoon, reading Cardinal de Retz whose book is in many respects charming. He was an accomplished rascal, and a dangerous one inasmuch as he had many merits which concealed and palliated his faults. He writes in a way to show his fairest side, yet a little reflection will show that his foundations are all rotten.

My Wife went to Medford in the Afternoon, and she and I went to 44a party at the house of Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Lowell.3 It was handsome. I enjoyed myself about as much as usual and returned home before midnight.


Although CFA did have a client or two from time to time, he made no effort to pursue an active legal practice. He was assiduous, however, in observing the formalities required to advance through the several classes into which the Massachusetts bar was divided (vol. 4:1–2).


Joseph Barrell Joy died in Matanzas, Cuba, on 15 Feb. (Columbian Centinel, 11 March, p. 2, col. 5).


At 53 Beacon Street ( Boston Directory ).