Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Tuesday. 12th.

Thursday. 14th.

Wednesday. 13th. CFA Wednesday. 13th. CFA
Wednesday. 13th.

Morning wet and mild but it afterwards cleared away with a North Wester. I went to the Office and was somewhat occupied. Mr. Curtis came in with General Towne from Worcester County. And they wished me to draw up a Deed and Mortgage for the purpose of selling the remainder of the land owned by Mr. Boylston at Princeton in the 48homestead, with the exception of the 600 Acres reserved.1 They wanted it done by noon tomorrow, so that I worked pretty steadily until one and finished all but the description, which for the present, I merely put into a rough draft.

Took a walk. On my return home found Miss Elizabeth Phillips who has come to spend some days with my Wife. She has altered much since I first saw her. Her spirits have not yet recovered from the shock experienced by the behaviour of her lover.2 Afternoon, reading de Retz whose book does not hold on perfectly from its containing a little too much of the same thing. Evening, read one of Horace’s Satires, though they are misnamed, and then went to a little party given to the bride Mrs. Stevenson—Only forty or fifty people and a little fatiguing. We got home at half past ten.


Upon the death of Ward Nicholas Boylston of Jamaica Plain and Princeton, Mass., JQA and Nathaniel Curtis of Roxbury, appointed by his will as coexecutors, made CFA conveyancer for the estate. General Salem Towne had been the purchaser of several parcels of the extensive land holdings. See vol. 3:5, 78, 85–86.


Elizabeth Phillips, a cousin of ABA’s from Andover, had, a few months earlier, been jilted on the evening intended for the wedding; see vol. 3:146; 4:416.