Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Wednesday. 13th.

Friday. 15th.

Thursday. 14th. CFA Thursday. 14th. CFA
Thursday. 14th.

Clear, bright day. I was engaged most of the morning in finishing off the deed and Mortgage, in comparing the description of the bounds with General Towne and in talking over the matter with Mr. Curtis. Ayer, the Carpenter then came in and we talked over the repairs necessary to be made upon the House lately occupied by Mr. Brackett.1 He gave me an estimate which I found too high, and I then appointed him to go down there tomorrow at ten o’clock. Not much time was left me, and I went to the Athenaeum to get a book on Architecture. Found nothing less than the Encyclopedia. From thence, I went to consult Dr. Hayward, a Surgeon of some eminence.2 For two or three years past I have found myself troubled with wens which have been increasing in number as well as in size. How or why they come I cannot divine, but as the prospect of their disfiguring me was very unpleasant, I have made up my mind to have them extracted. The Operation was short and not painful. So that I went to dinner as usual. Afternoon I felt easier because I was disembarrassed of three in my head. I am afraid I have more.

Read de Retz as usual. I also read the sixth Satire of Horace, some of the History of the United States, and some German. I accomplished 49thus much because I declined going to Mrs. B. Gorham’s where the ladies went.


The rental property at the corner of Tremont and Boylston streets (No. 105) had been vacant since the removal of Rufus Brackett in November (vol. 3:188).


Dr. George Hayward of 154 Tremont Street ( Boston Directory ).