Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Thursday. 14th.

Saturday. 16th.

Friday. 15th. CFA Friday. 15th. CFA
Friday. 15th.

Morning mild. I went to the Office as usual. From thence at ten o’clock I went according to my agreement with Ayer the Carpenter and looked at the house at the corner of Boylston Street. Made my estimates and gave my directions. I hope and trust the repairs cannot be very large. Those Houses have cost a great deal of money. I have been endeavouring to improve them ever since my Agency and I think the effects now begin to appear. Returned to the Office, thence to the Athenaeum and a walk.

Quiet dinner at home. Miss Phillips out. Afternoon, read de Retz. Felt uncomfortably from the violent drawing of the plaster upon one of my wounds. Towards evening it increased and the rapid formation of matter produced violent shiverings for two hours of the evening that disabled me from any exertion whatsoever. This was followed by a profuse drenching perspiration. I had sent to Dr. Hayward to give me relief but from some mistake he did not come. The throbbing was so great, my suffering in the night was intense.